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Help for You


You’ll keep going in circles and never arrive at a worthwhile destination if you don’t know where you are heading. And you’ll never live financially well if you don’t know how to best market your products or services.

To help you master both challenges, I offer the following support (all offerings are available in either English or German):


For Clarifying Your Professional Goal*—Your Life’s Path**:


  • Full-day workshops
  • Two-day workshops
  • Courses lasting one semester


On Values-Based Marketing to help you maximize your marketing efforts:


  • Full-day workshops
  • Two-day workshops
  • Courses lasting one semester


If You Have to Give a Presentation but you


  • Dread public speaking
  • Dislike writing
  • Have no time to write

I gladly do each or all for you.


For your next event, I offer Keynote Presentations on


  • Goal clarification
  • Values-based marketing
  • Customized topics based on your needs


Full-day and two-day workshops and keynote presentations are also available in Europe and Singapore.


Individual support is available upon request.


*See my book From Confusion to Clarity: 5 Steps to Add Direction, Satisfaction, and Meaning to Your Life for a detailed description on how to define your best possible professional goal

**from Mastery by Robert Green






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