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On this page you will find links to people and organizations —all experts in their field—who can give you valuable advice, offer you exceptional creations, and always deliver on their promise.


Depazzi's logoDepazzi is elegance at its best. Jewelry has never been more exquisite and stunning. Get one (or more) of Bruce’s creations, or eat your heart out. And no, it’s not immoral to buy a masterpiece   you certainly will enjoy as long as you live.

Dreamcather's logoDreamCatcher Apartments, the tropical Aussie haven form where you can catch up with your dreams. You don’t like to be spoilt? Then stay at home and brood.

Sepp Holzer's logoSepp Holzer, the permaculture guru who turns even a desert into a paradise, and the tundra into an orchard.


awn Josephson's logoDawn Josephson, the master of words and writing who repeatedly pulls me out of deep wells of confusion. Dawn Josephson empowers leaders to master the printed word for enhanced credibility, positioning, and profits. Through one-on-one coaching, dynamic keynotes, and informational workshops, Dawn teaches clients how to write irresistible books, articles, and marketing pieces that position them as the expert. She also assists with idea development for written works.

Gilmour Artforms logoBob Gilmour, the sculptor & designer, who breathes life into dead wood. Have you ever experienced sensual cooking? No? Then you missed out on something very special, you poor thing! Bob has the knack to transform wood into kitchen tools that are a pure joy for the senses.  The fluent transition between practicality and creativity makes you wonder where art begins and where it ends. You have your own cook? Then delight in Bob’s decorative art creations.

Casa dell'arte logoCasa dell’arte where you’ll be carried away into a soothing and magnificent otherworld of fantasy. Let one of the few real fresco artists of Europe –and worldwide –Hanna Fürst-Ala de Voy transform your abode too into an extraordinary residence. You don’t have to be the Sun King or Cleopatra to enjoy the luxury of her creations. (Of course, nothing of value is cheap…) – send Email

Jason Wyrick's The Vegan Culinary Experience logoJason Wyrick, the vegan culinary magician who helps you save your heart and the planet. The Vegan Culinary Experience is the only vegan culinary magazine designed by professional chefs. Featuring articles and recipes from chefs around the world, the VCE is filled with quality instructional content perfect for both the beginning vegan cook and the expert alike! 30-40 recipes every month, articles, reviews, interviews, and more, and best of all, it’s free to subscribe.

Mind & Life Institute logoMind & Life Institute, where the wisdom of Tibet meets Western science to show you how to think better and be happier. You’ll never get thirsty at this inexhaustible well of knowledge.

The Hidden Helpers logoThe Hidden Helper, the good fairies to call when no one should find out that you can’t write; if you think you can, think twice and call them anyway.

The Business Mechanic logoPhilip Avery, the wizard who breathes a new life into your business when it’s about to expire.


"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow;
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead;
Walk beside me, and just be my friend."
Albert Camus

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