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“The purpose of life is to be happy.”

These are wonderful words by the Dalai Lama and you have landed on this web site because you want to be happy, don’t you? You want to find a goal that will do just that: Guarantee you enduring happiness.

According to Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, happiness hasn’t increased at all although the standard of living in the industrialized countries has increased dramatically.

Why is it so?

Perhaps it’s because we’re looking for happiness in the wrong places—in things and activities that don’t have the potential to make us lastingly happy.

Fortunately, you can be happier, regardless of your circumstances. And while there are three routes you can take toward happiness, only two of them have the potential for life-long satisfaction. (Continued below the insert)

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The three routes—three tiers—of happiness as defined by Positive Psychology:

  • Pleasant life (The Pleasures): The pleasant life consists of having as many pleasures as possible and having the skills to amplify the pleasures. While pleasures elate you for a while, the surge of pleasure won’t last long. Not only do pleasures fade quickly, many even have a negative aftermath. They are momentary, melt easily, and habituate readily.
  • Engaged life (The Flow experience): The good life is a deep absorption with and a total immersion in what you do. It is a “flow” experience—a state when your are “one with the music”. It consists of knowing what your signature strengths are, and then recrafting your work, love, friendship, leisure and parenting to use those strengths to have more flow in life.
  • Meaningful life (Sense of Purpose and Connectedness): The meaningful life consists of using your signature strengths in the service of something that you believe is larger than you are.

*Descriptions based on the work of Professors Martin Seligman, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Mihály Csikszentmihályi, Claremont Graduate University, and Christopher Peterson (deceased 2012), Univ. of Michigan.

A Full Life satisfies all three criteria, but only the Engaged Life and the Meaningful Life are related to life satisfaction.

My work and my web site are devoted to helping you find your way to an Engaged Life and – as the ultimate goal – to a Meaningful Life by clarifying your best profession/private goal. According to tests conducted by Professor Peterson, the more Meaning you have in your life, the more satisfied you are.


"Happiness is the ability to receive the pleasant
without grasping
and the unpleasant without condemning."
Mark Epstein

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