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Books and Other Resources

Good Books…
   … help you find your way when you feel at a loss
   … welcome you wherever you are
   … love to go out with you wherever you go
   … educate you when you thirst for knowledge
   … touch your emotions when you feel dejected

Good Books…
   … entertain you when you feel bored
   … challenge your will when you feel week
   … keep you company when you are lonely
   … offer you consolation when no one else will
   … revive your hope when everything seems futile

Good Books…
   … don’t judge you when you do something wrong
   … don’t ridicule you when you feel foolish
   … don’t tell you it’s too late to…
   … don’t meddle in your life and force their will on you

The only thing good books want from you is your attention from time to time.

Never underestimate the power of good books.

Though you should be critical in what sources you consult for information and use for entertainment, don’t discard everything that seems strange or foreign to you. Remember that sound judgement, critical thinking, and open-mindedness are crucial to durable success. You should, therefore, examine everything you read, see or hear from all sides and judge it on its merit.

Above all else, don’t stick to the same old same old; widen your horizons as often as you can.


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