Clear Intentions – Effective Actions®

20091109212739(4)“Biography is a system in which the
contradictions of a human life are unified.”
Jose Ortega y Gasset

Hi, I am Katalin.


I invite you to take a glimpse at the winding road I have been on in my quest for the best possible course for my life. I hope my story inspires you to readily recover from misfortunes and disappointments of real and imagined defeats, and steadfastly advance on your road to success and life satisfaction.

After my return to Soviet-occupied Hungary from a year-long post-high-school stay in Britain, the (communist) authorities let me know that I would never be admitted to a university. “But I will,” I thought, and after a while, I left the country.

At the beginning of my studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, the director told my class of happy and wide-eyed would-be translators and interpreters that we hadn’t the slightest chance of getting a decent job upon graduation. “But I will,” I thought.

On the last day of my Master’s exams, I had three terrific job offers.

After installing a new head for the TV department I had been working at, I was told to move to a lesser job and accept a lower salary, otherwise they’d sack me. I turned down the “offer”, and stayed on twelve more years, until I got bored with the job and decided to move on.

During all those years, an insatiable hunger for learning, a genuine interest in foreign cultures and people, and a passion for physical exercise kept me moving in the right direction.

In between—and during—my studies and my main occupation I found time to:

  • work with deaf and mentally impaired patients as an occupational therapist
  • learn Japanese on Sundays and live in Japan for several months
  • translate documentaries from English into Hungarian and direct the voice-over
  • train as a massage therapist
  • show American college students and incentive groups around Europe
  • paint silk scarves
  • and much, much more.

You get the idea.

I endured many doubting remarks when I trained as a Pilates and Qi Gong instructor at the “ripe old age” of 50! “That’s just the right age,” I thought. And I showed the twenty- and some wonderful seventy-somethings how to hold their heads high and keep their backs straight.

Stumbling and falling occasionally, but always standing up stronger than before, became my “trade mark.” All my experience—successes and failures alike—showed me the way to my life’s calling: To encourage the young to find and achieve what they want, and to empower those in their later years who feel beaten by the numbers to dare a new beginning and go, upstanding, the full course of their lives.



“…if you want anything said ask a man.
If you want anything done,
ask a woman.” 
Margaret Thatcher



Hi, I’m Horst.

My life’s story in a nutshell? A lot of work, and it was worth it!

They called me a “job–hopper” when it was still a dirty word. System engineer, sales manager, consultant, Human Resources manager, and partner and general manager in a successful enterprise for banking automation—with each change I got more of what I was after.

Then I had enough from the daily business suit–and–tie routine.

The woods and the mountains were calling—I couldn’t resist—so I retired to mow the lawn (how come it’s always a guy’s job?), and to

  • counsel start-ups
  • act as a board member
  • advise businesses on recruiting staff, just to name a few of my activities

And, of course, to

  • run uphill-downhill several times a week
  • ski the nearby Alpine slopes, and much, much more

They say I am a born pathfinder in the European and global jungle of business rules and regulations, so I am the guy who keeps all the technical and financial issues and administrative matters of Katalin Halom International smoothly running. Hard to believe, but it’s true: I have never more than a 24-hour backlog of administrative and bookkeeping matters—year in and year out. If you want to have your private and professional life succeed, I strongly advise you to follow my example and keep your books up-to-date.


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