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From Confusion to Clarity


Have you ever met people who always seem to know what they want—those bright–eyed and enthusiastic people surrounded by an aura of mental steadiness and emotional stability? Katalin 3

I am sure you have.

Do you envy them and wish you could be like them?

You do, don’t you?

I used to also. As a result, I have spent decades trying to figure out how to become like those fortunate people who are not tormented by indecision and who don’t spend ages on useless rumination on the “What” and the “How”—people who make choices with apparent ease and follow their heart unerringly. (Continued below)

Discovering Your Life’s Goals Has Never Been Easier

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From Confusion To Clarity: 5 Steps to Add Direction, Satisfaction, and Meaning to YourLife

A Step–by–Step Guide for Goal Clarification

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Wouldn’t you love to be one of those people?

Of course you would.

You can become one of these happy few.

Let me show you how.

First, please answer the following questions as accurately as possible:

  • Are you still looking for the…… one way that’s going to be interesting and exciting?… one goal that will give you lifelong satisfaction?
  • Is your past a series of poorly defined goals and ensuing disappointments?
  • Have you spent a small fortune on “transformational gurus’ instant success programs,” only to resort to your old frustrated self after the initial high spirits?
  • Do you feel…… pushed in a certain direction that is not of your choice,or… trapped in unsatisfying ways of being?
  • Do you have dreams you don’t even dare to admit to yourself, let alone live them?

Don’t despair; all the problems mentioned—and many more—can be resolved.

How is it possible?

By applying a proven method of single steps—one step after another—until your goals are clear and you are ready for action.

All the steps are simple, though not always easy. By advancing systematically, even the more complicated steps become easily manageable.

Instant, effortless, purportedly fail–safe “secrets” just don’t work. They don’t take into account your unique personality, your very specific background, and your intimate roadblocks.

With Katalin’s help you’ll progress From Confusion to Clarity – from indecision to single-minded determination. Based on your character strengths and values, educational, cultural, and familial background, and previous and present disappointments and successes you will be able to decide on the best possible career and/or private goal for your life – the one goal that suits you best.


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