Clear Intentions – Effective Actions®


“The biggest lie that humankind has told itself

over the past 50 years is that

success is available without effort.”

Steve Chandler


Stop kidding yourself. You will never …


  • become “successful,” famous, and rich.
  • be hounded by paparazzi, receive the Nobel Prize, or become president of your country.
  • achieve success by persistent repetition of positive affirmations or using visualization techniques alone

Neither will the “self-help program du jour” lead you to effortless success. And even the best coach, mentor, or senior adviser can’t guarantee that you’ll make it

UNLESS you are prepared to put tremendous effort into the endeavor you’ve chosen.


The fact is that you will never achieve anything of value without effort. Absolutely nothing!


So do you want to live a fulfilling life? Then stop fantasizing and get real!

Whether you’ll ever become successful in your professional life depends, however, on many factors. The five most important of these factors are:

  • Defining the right profession/occupation—right for you, that is.
  • Knowing what success means to you and how you can measure it.
  • Having the readiness to put in hard work.
  • Persevering when the going gets tough.
  • Having a supportive and candid mentor.

By now you may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

First, decide what you want to do, preferably for the long-term. To help you with finding this oft-elusive path, do the following three things:

  • Get my book From Confusion to Clarity: 5 Steps to Add Direction, Satisfaction and Meaning to your Life
    and conscientiously do all the exercises described until you can define with certainty your Life’s Path*.
  • Do the first step, however tiny, toward achieving excellence in your chosen field.
  • Look for a mentor who knows what you need to do and who can help you get started on accomplishing each task on your way to mastery.

Above all else, contact us when you need help on your travel to professional success.


“Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.”

An Wang


*from Mastery by Robert Green







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